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Our Goal

The SmartHelp goal is to provide online education and provide educational needs for students who cannot afford it. We strive to help students excel in school, and help them become successful.


Shrenik Kamma



Srinitya Kamma



Our Mission

The SmartHelp mission is to change lives through education by providing online education for Grades 1 - 12 students who cannot afford it. We make it our priority to help students receive good college admissions. We also provide Online Class learning tools which are needed for all grades. 

A Personalized Online Class Experience for All Low-Income U.S. Students

SmartHelp offers online education to allow students to excel in school and helps students get college admissions. Along with education, SmartHelp also donates tools that are needed for day-to-day online classes. With the help of donations, we can provide useful materials such as iPads and workbooks. SmartHelp mainly focuses on Grades 1-12 Math, English, Science and College test prep.

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