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At SmartHelp our goal is to provide education for families that can’t afford it. With your support we can make that a reality with the addition of scholarships and other helpful supplies. The donations cover the costs of a non-profit organization run by volunteers and give to all students in need of support. We hope you will consider donating to us so that we can continue to help.

Donations: We accept donations through paypal, and check. No cash donations are accepted. If you donate $250 or more at a time, you should request a receipt, or charitable acknowledgement letter, from the SmartHelp organization.

Here at SmartHelp, we are a nonprofit that strongly believes in free online education and extra help that can change lives forever. We strive to provide extra help to all students who need it, all over the U.S. With all the help from our donations, we plan to extend our program globally. We are currently supported by individual contributions from people like you. We hope you will consider donating to our organization!.

Important Note: All donations go to the well-being of students for better education.


All Low-Income Students Can Learn Online. For Free.

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