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Our Services

SmartHelp provides free online tutoring, educational services, and gives the logistics needed for students in grades 1-12. It offers extra help in Math, English, Science, and also provides College Prep. SmartHelp works to allow students from low-income families to excel in school and get college admissions.


Our Mission

The SmartHelp non-profit foundation is a student-run organization in the U.S., whose mission is to provide online educational services and give educational needs such as laptops, iPads, Chromebooks or Tablets for students that can not afford education or are in low-income families that don't have access to quality education or enrichment programs in, while also giving high school students a chance to experience teaching.


Giving Back

  • Computers

  • iPad / Tablet

  • Laptop / Chromebook

  • Desktop

  • Software Licenses (Office 365, PDF...)


  • 1-12 English

  • Public speaking

  • Creative writing


  • Grades 5-8 Science

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Physics

Help Students



  • Grade 1-12

  • Algebra I & II

  • Geometry

  • Calculus

  • Trigonometry

College Prep

  • SAT prep

  • PSAT prep

  • ACT prep


“My kids joined SmartHelp for Math over the summer and they have improved greatly in school. SmartHelp has given my kids an amazing opportunity to be ahead in school.”

James and Brandon's Mom


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SmartHelp changes lives through Education!

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